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How to search e-book databases

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Summary: This section tells you how to link to e-book collection. Using Primo to find e-books finds fewer relevant titles than if you do the same search on e-book databases themselves where it is possible to search the contents of the books in their collections.

In this section we are going to concentrate on 3 important e-book collections, ebrary containing +75,000 titles all in full text, ScienceDirect containing around 6,000 titles in full text (please note we do not subscribe to all book material in this collection), and SpringerLink containing around 23,000 titles in full text.


Guides and help on how to search for e-books are available at the end of this section.

The titles in the ebrary, ScienceDirect and SpringerLink collections are included in the library catalogue.



Ebrary is a database of over 80,000 documents, mostly authoritative copyrighted books, in full text. The titles cover many different subject areas, from Social Sciences, Law, Medicine, Science, and Computing to Education, Fine Arts and History. There are extensive collections in Language and Literature, Philosophy, Psychology and Religion, Social Sciences and History. Every title is listed individually in Primo and our library catalogue. If you interested in science and engineering material Elsevier's ScienceDirect may also be useful.


STEP 1 IMPORTANT: Before you do anything in ebrary you must set up your personal computer to work properly with the database from off campus. Please follow instructions on how to set up off campus access to electronic materials. Follow the information guide to ebrary and use the check-list below to ensure that each step is completed:


  1. Amend your pop-up blocking software
  2. Allow cookies from ebrary
  3. Amend firewall or security software (necessary when working on a business, company or school network - check with your IT support team)


STEP 2: Go to the ebrary website at http://site.ebrary.com/lib/aberdeenuniv. You will be prompted to login - use your University computer username and password.


STEP 3: Look up the worksheet on how to search ebrary, view books, bookmark pages, highlight text, print, and save favourite titles to your e-bookshelf are available by clicking on this link. Follow the intructions on pages 1-8.



ScienceDirect gives you access to around 6,000 science and engineering e-books (textbooks, encyclopedias and monographs - research level books) published by Elsevier, the biggest science, technical and medical publisher in the world. Every title is listed individually in Primo and the library catalogue.

IMPORTANT: Although this database contains a great deal of important academic material it is essential to note that it is provided by one publisher only – never rely solely on content from this site for a literature review. Unlike ebrary you will not have access to everything in full text on this database – only what we have paid for. We have full text access if there’s a green box to the left of the title.


STEP 1: Go to the ScienceDirect website at http://www.sciencedirect.com


STEP 2: Follow the worksheet on how to search ScienceDirect for book and reference material, download and view full text, print and save files are available by clicking on this link. Follow the intructions on pages 1-4.



We currently have access to over 23,000 e-books published by Springer.

Subject content is strong in computing science (including the Lecture Notes series!), engineering, mathematics, life sciences and physics. The Protocols series is also included. SpringerLink book titles appear on Primo and the library catalogue but you can carry out more powerful searches direct from the SpringerLink website. 


STEP 1: Go to the SpringerLink website at http://www.springerlink.com/books


STEP 2: Follow the worksheet on how to search SpringerLink for book material. All the worksheets on using ebook databases are available in the Worksheets folder in the Pages & Files section of this wiki.



Guides and help on how to search for e-books

Library Guide: QG DBS004 Ebrary

Ebrary videos by ProQuest (on YouTube)

Worksheets: Guides on how to use ebooks in the ebrary, ScienceDirect, and SpringerLink collections are available in a folder named Worksheets in the Pages & Files section of this wiki.

Web page: Setting up proxy server access.

Contact details: Information Consultant for your subject.

Contact details: IT Service Desk: servicedesk@abdn.ac.uk; tel. 01224-273636

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